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Update to Update for April 27

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on April 27, 2006

So, I just saw Stacey this evening, and she looked and sounded a lot better than yesterday. She said that she read somewhere that the chills/fever reaction is common for the iv hormone treatment, but is temporary, and that she woke up this morning feeling very well.

I also noticed that she is walking more easily — she said that her hip isn’t bothering her as much right now, but that her legs feel stiff (no surprise, as her muscles have had to work pretty hard to get her around while bracing her hip).

And, so that I can stop writing about “bone glue” and “hormone stuff,” she gave me a list of all the medications and supplements she is being treated with right now. (Has anyone ever noticed that Stacey’s handwriting leans to the left instead of to the right? Who taught this girl her penpersonship?)

Anyway, for your reading pleasure, here is…

The List of Stuff They’re Pumping Into My Sister
(Links go to WebMD definitions; click on “Uses” for information. Do NOT read “Warnings,” as these are extremely scary and we’re not dwelling on stuff like that.)

Percocet, now replaced with a longer-acting version (pain reduction [this is for the hip])
Flexeril (muscle relaxant, also for the hip)
Tamoxifen (estrogen blocker)
Compozine (anti-nausea)
Zofran (anti-nausea)
Emend (anti-nausea)

Zometa (Bone glue!)
Herceptin (just says “used to treat breast cancer.” Gee, that’s helpful…)
Two others with the chemo (not sure what these are yet)

Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Iron (slow fe)
A partridge in a pear tree


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