The Stacey Report

May 1: News Flash! Local resident attacked with lots of tiny, tiny needles. Film at 11.

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on May 1, 2006

Oh, all right. It was just acupuncture.

Stacey said that the treatment was “fine, relaxing, nothing earth-shattering.” She’s planning to continue, given that the benefits are cumulative and, hey, why not.

Tomorrow, Stacey’s doctor will install a Mediport. This is a good thing, because we both have “deep veins” that tend to “dodge,” which means that the phlebotomists have to “poke around for a while” causing us to want to “smack them.” From now on, all needles go straight in the Mediport. Except the acupuncture ones, of course. I don’t think there is an ancient Chinese Mediport point.

Then, Wednesday, back to the Oncologist for more Herceptin (hormones) and Zomets (bone glue). This was pretty icky last time, but Stacey read somewhere that the effects may lessen over time.

Updates on the Mediport after Stacey reports back to me tomorrow (personally, I predict that a very long nap will happen first.)


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