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May 3: Appointment with the Oncologist

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on May 3, 2006

So! Stacey has a fracture in T6. That’s a vertebra. We don’t know which one. I suppose we could Google it…

This showed up in the second MRI, but it wasn’t until Dr. Brown (the oncologist) saw the full results that she realized what was going on. So that accounts for the back pain (as opposed to hip pain.) Now Dr. Brown wants to consult with Radiation Guy to see whether there is anything he can do about this fracture. Meanwhile, she wants to “get going” on the chemo, so Stacey is waiting to hear what that means in terms of scheduling. Currently the chemo is set to start on May 16 (two days after her birthday, thank you very much. “Happy Birthday! Here’s some chemo.”)

In other news, today’s appointment included a lovely IV bag full of Herceptin, but not Zometa (bone glue!) because apparently that’s only going to be once a month. She also got a shot of Procrit, which is to help her red blood cells because she’s anemic (don’t panic, she’s always been anemic. She was on three iron pills a day when she was pregnant.) The Procrit will continue once a week as long as her hematocrit is below 36. So, basically, forever.

The rotten part is that Procrit injections a) can’t go in the Mediport, and b) HURT A LOT. Also, they can’t draw blood from the Mediport, so this is not doing us a fat lot of good so far.

On the other hand, the nurse said that the Mediport looked really great, especially since it was only put in yesterday, and that it had “great blood return.” So, that’s good, and actually, the port did help with the Herceptin treatment. As Stacey realized, if you have to sit around for an hour hooked up to an IV, it’s a lot nicer to have it at your collarbone than immobilizing one of your arms.

The best news of the day was that Dr. Brown said that her reaction to the treatments so far is a pretty good indication of what her reactions to the chemo will be. This is excellent, because she was only tired for a couple of days last week, and feels a lot better this week, so all signs point to yes for the chemo not being too horrendous.

Tomorrow more acupuncture and possibly some hip zapping, but mostly going to work and nice, boring, normal stuff like that.


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