The Stacey Report

May 6: Just Normal Life

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on May 6, 2006

I called Stacey last night: “Ok, blog me, baby.”
“Whatdaya mean, nothing?”
“I mean nothing–nothing happened today. I went to work, I picked Ruby up from Kindercare, we came home, we ate supper, we’re hanging out on the couch. Nothing.”

Well, frankly, that sounds pretty good to me.

It’s a beautiful day here in the upper-right corner of the US, so I predict a lot of gardening, swing pushing, and lounging.

In other news, the family is setting up for a portrait session with Steve Robb of Robbs of Wayland. This is actualy a very big deal, as someone we know HATES to have her picture taken. The Robbs do a lot of beautiful family portraits, some your basic “everybody say cheese” shots, others (and this is why we like them) really interesting and individual. Steve is really excited about this project because if you told the Neustads to say cheese, they’d all come up with some wiseacre crack: “Mortadella!” “Japanese Sage Darby!” “Venezuelan Beaver Cheese!”

Also, Stacey’s Sister has been concocting some opportunities for you to help, which will be posted next week.


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