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May 31, 2006: Fundraising Update

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on May 31, 2006

As of today, the Stacey Report community has given more than $500.00 for cancer research! Consequently, I have raised my donation goal to $1,000.00 because I have faith in you, kids! Please feel more than free to send this link:

to all your friends, relations, co-workers, acquaintances, old flames, the loud neighbors with the nasty little dog, that guy who works at Starbucks, you know, the one with the little soul patch…

In brief, anyone. Everyone! And just to sweeten the deal, I would like to announce that Stacey’s son, Lyle, is also walking with a team of kids from his school. He insists that his team will trounce ours, but I seem to notice a distinct lack of donations on his site… You never know, though, so feel free to donate to one or the other or both!!


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