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June 3, 2006: Fundraising Amendment, and Chemo Report

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on June 3, 2006

I have been reprimanded for a lack of proper marketing of my nephew’s Relay for Life donation page. So here is the fundraising amendment:

Please support Lyle (Stacey’s Son) in his Relay for Life walk; to make a donation online, click on this link to go to…


I have also added Lyle’s page to the sidebar on the right, so click away!
Meanwhile, in other news…
Stacey’s second chemo treatment went well, medically speaking. It has been a difficult week physically and emotionally speaking. The morning of the scheduled chemo treatment, Stacey found herself nauseated and vomiting, even though the physical effects of the first chemo treatment had subsided and she had felt well the day before. When she mentioned this to her Oncologist, Dr. Browne said that that is very common and even has a name: Anticipatory Nausea. Add to this a very strong survival instinct to NOT go back to the Chemo Cafe, and you have the makings of a very unpleasant morning.
Stacey started the treatment visit with a check-in with Dr. Browne. She explained about the Anticipatory Nausea and, after a quick exam, said that the lump and the swelling continue to shrink and that she’s very pleased with Stacey’s reaction to the treatments. They also discussed the fact that Stacey’s body is trying to ovulate in the midst of this crazy hormone storm (I neglected to ask exactly how Stacey knew this). Dr Browne said that some women continue to have periods throughout chemo, some have fewer, some stop at all. Interesting fact: women who do NOT resume normal menses after chemotherapy have fewer recurreces of the cancer. At which point Stacey said “I’m all for menopause; bring it on!”
After the check-in, Stacey went to get her treatment (got her favorite room again). Because of the extra Zometa (bone glue!) treatment, the whole deal took three hours this time, but she said that it seemed to go faster. She has also started ordering the nurses around, specifically about drawing blood. Each of us has one good spot, left arm, right where the crease from the bend is. This week, after a lot of random needle sticks, Stacey pointed to the spot and said “There. Put the needle right there.” The nurse said “Well, I don’t feel anything, but I believe you…” stuck the needle in and hit the vein right off. Next week, Stacey is going to ask for someone from the IV team to come and do it, no more messing around.
The day after chemo wasn’t bad, but the next day was pretty horrible. Whether it was the treatment or the rainy day, Stacey’s hip was very painful and she was limping quite a bit. She felt very unwell (a lot of gagging but no actual puking) and just to put the cherry on top, her hair has started to fall out. As most of you know, Stacey has very thick hair, so it will take a while for the loss to really show, but she could essentially pull it out by the handful if she wanted to. Which of course she does NOT, thank you very much.
That happened to be the day we were scheduled to go on our wig-finding expedition. We had made an appointment at Merle Norman in Framingham, and they were very pleasant and helpful. Stacey tried on three or four different wigs, and found one that looks very much like her own hair, which is nice. She also bought a sleep cap (right now, to keep her hair from falling out all over the bed, and later, to keep her head warm at night) and a pre-shaped bandana thingie, which will be very easy to throw on. We are also waiting for something in the mail from Doma Designs, a headwrap with instructions for eleventy-jillion ways to tie a scarf.
No matter how much fun it may be to go and try on wigs (and from Stacey’s reactions, I’m going to venture to say that it was exactly NO fun) and learn how to tie scarves, the fact remains that losing your hair is really rotten. Truly, insult to injury. In general, this has been a pretty tough week, and yet Stacey’s attitude is one of righteous indignation rather than self-pity. I think cancer may have picked on the wrong girl.

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  1. Sara said, on June 4, 2006 at 8:51 am

    Dear Stacey, Deb, Michael, Lyle & Rubicon –

    Okay, so I’m arriving late to the party. So sorry. But better late than never – I’m glad I selfishly emailed Stacey to hit her up to check on my cats!

    Thanks to this SPECTACULAR blog, I’m all caught up on the news. Now I don’t have to walk next door and ask Stacey to communicate all the details of the past 6 weeks. (Not that I would ever do that….)

    First, let me say that I agree Stacey will kick some major cancer booty. And second, it is a huge tribute to the spirit behind this conquest that I could actually read this blog and laugh outloud more than once (okay, yesterday’s post wasn’t funny, but I was still riding May’s crest).

    As your negligent next door neighbors (I have a bevy of excuses but won’t bother as none of them come close to your life experiences of late), we would like to volunteer our time and assistance in any way. And this is a particularly meaningful offer right now as one of us (Ethan, the one not typing this) is currently “in between firms”. So, feel free to borrow my “house husband” ANY TIME!

    Okay, off to donate money to Lyle’s charity (sorry, Deb, but I’ve been trying to win him over for 2 years now), and to buy Stacey something off her wish list.

    Sending powerful cancer-zapping energy your way!!! (And it doesn’t even have to travel far…)

    Love, Sara & Ethan–>

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