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June 6, 2006: Countdown to the Relay for Life

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on June 6, 2006

I’m in vigorous training (snort) for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, which cometh apace on June 9! Thank you to everyone who has donated already! For those of you who have been planning to donate, please click on the link of your choice on the sidebar under “How You Can Help.” You can donate via Stacey’s Sister, Stacey’s Son, or Stacey’s Stepfather! Hanley will be in town for the weekend and thought he might enjoy a leisurely stroll…

Actually, go ahead and click on Stacey’s Son. Lyle is really interested in “trouncing” me. (Yes, he is 13 and yes, he really said “trouncing.” Those of you who know Lyle personally did not question it for a second, I know.)

It’s Shameless Plug time again, and today’s plug goes to Chris the shoe guy at REI in Framingham! (Yes, it’s the one next to Kinko’s that’s kind of hard to get to if you’re westbound on Rt. 30. Their slogan, “REI: It’s Worth the U-Turn!”)

So, I went to REI for some decent walking shoes; as many of you know from my frequent whining, I have Hallux Valgus, more commonly known as a great big bunion, in my left foot. I no longer have Hallux Valgus in my right foot because it was surgically corrected two years ago by the fantabulous Dr. James Stewart. (OK, two shameless plugs.)

This means that it is not extra comfy for me to walk long distances, and I knew that I would definitely need good shoes to pull this off. Chris the Shoe Guy helped me find the right pair of Merrells, added a fantastic arch support insole, and even sold me on these nifty double layer anti-blister running socks. OK, now you’re thinking, that sounds like a lot of stuff, sounds like just a really good salesman. I’ll give you that, but he was also entirely pleasant company, completely non-pushy, and I personally saw him handle up to four customers at once with complete Zen calm. So, everyone go buy shoes!

Oh, right, Stacey. Let me IM her and see how she feels.

Here’s the abridged reply:
“Other than the hips and the puking I feel ok. [My] hips [are] still creaky, but still better than on weekend. I vomited lustily this morning for no particular reason. I have been eating ok, though ok is relative, of course. Still not into much beyond pasta, Auntie’s soup, potatoes, corn, some fruit. Oh, guacamole and chips are good. Any salty snack goes down well.”

My favorite part, and the Stacey’s Sister watchword for the day…

“No pity, people, just Pringles!”


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