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June 12, 2006: Getting a Little Picky

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on June 12, 2006

Stacey, avid reader of The Stacey Report, has some clarifications re: her physical state lately. (She doesn’t like it when I quote her at length, by the way, says she hired me for a job and I darned well better do it. But this is as nice a summary as I could pull off and apparently more accurate. Snark snark.)

While I do feel better than I did before chemo started (mostly in the back), I was trying to express that I’m feeling better now than I did in the good week after #1. So:

Chemo week 1: queasy, food aversions, no appetite, tired, touchy gag reflex
Bounce-back week 1: some puking, food aversions, more appetite & energy, touchy gag reflex
Chemo week 2: some gagging, better appetite than #1, more tired than #1
Bounce-back week 2: still better appetite, fewer food aversions, much better energy, still with the gag reflex (resulting in some puking, but not much)

So, Bounce-back week 2 was better than Bounce-back week 1, which is good.

I puked this morning and am feeling a bit queasy. I’m attributing this to thinking about tomorrow, which I keep telling myself I shouldn’t do, but it’s hard not to.

that is all.

So that is all! Chemo treatment #3 tomorrow, which includes a check-in with TFDB (The Fabulous Dr. Browne) so we’ll see where we are.

In other news, I’ve been busily staring at Stacey’s head, mentally designing scarf-like objects. The main issue now is shape — some scarves end up too “pirate-y” and Stacey is convinced that she won’t be able to pull off the world-music-funky-wrappy-scarf look that I keep espousing. It looks to me that one needs to set the front edge of the scarf just below the natural hairline, have some kind of detail to draw the eye up to the top of the head, and also have some mechanism for covering the back of the neck (because the tie on a scarf settles under the back of the skull, which is not the same thing.) All suggestions welcome!


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