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June 28, 2006: Chemo Treatment #4

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on June 28, 2006

Anna, Eva and I stopped in to see Auntie Stacey this evening after supper, and we were told that she was asleep. She woke up a little while ago and is IMing (sending me messages using software called Instant Messenger) as we type. So, let’s do a little interview, shall we?

Stacey’s Sister: So, Stacey’s Sister’s Sister Stacey, how’s it hanging?

Stacey’s Sister’s Sister Stacey: Well, as always Chemo day began with a righteous puking. Empty stomach, though, so it was more like a righteous dry heaving.

SS: That’s called “Anticipatory Nausa,” right?

SSSS: “Anticipatory Nausea” indeed!

SS: That settled down, though?

SSSS: Yeah, once my stomach was empty! Then I shuttled children to and fro, then it was off to chemo.

SS: Exciting!

SSSS: Oh, shut up.

SS: Shutting up.

SSSS: TFDB gave me a prescription for “Miracle Mouthwash” (it’s really called that, it’s a specific compound, so they have a stamp that tells the pharmacist the ingredients and the heading is “Miracle Mouthwash”) to prevent and heal mouth sores. Not sure if that’s better than Mouth-Sore Goo, or what.

SS: But it says “miracle” right in the name, it must be better!

SSSS: Remember what I said about shutting up?

SS: Right.

SSSS: Then on to search for my good seat for the poisoning. Only one person in the favorite room, who would leave in a half hour or so. After that only one other person came in for about a half hour. Otherwise I had the room to myself. It was so nice and cool in there! Had Zometa, so it was about 3 1/2 hours.

SS: So you got the really toxic one they have to push in by hand…

SSSS: Right, Adriamycin.

SS: …and then the less-toxic-but-who-wants-it-anyway one…

SSSS: Cytoxin.

SS: …and then the Zometa.

SSSS: Right, that’s the bone glue. I only have that every other time. Then tomorrow I go back for a shot of Neulasta, which is really helping my white blood cell count stay nice and high. Oh, and I also got a shot of Procrit today, that’s for my perpetually low iron levels that nobody should worry about because I’m always anemic.

SS: Ok, but isn’t that the one that hurts a really lot?

SSSS: It sure is, baby.

SS: Sorry, man.

SSSS: Thanks. Anyway, I’ve been feeling crrrrrrraaapy since: just feeling full of poison, feeling like an impending headache, hot and sweaty (which TFDB attributes to hot flashes from the whole hormone issue, but if so then it’s less like a flash and more like a constant, blech). Came home and slept for an hour or two. Appetite is ok.

SS: So if history is a guide, you’ll feel ok tomorrow and then terrible for the next two days, with the Bounce-Back starting sometime over the weekend.

SSSS: Right, except that we’re off by a day this week, so I’m not expecting to bounce much before late Sunday or Monday. Unless history is also a guide to the fact that each treatment has been a little easier than the last so far.

SS: That would rock!

SSSS: It sure would.

SS: Well, Stacey’s Sister’s Sister Stacey, it’s been a pleasure talking with you this evening, and we hope you’re bouncing soon.

SSSS: Thanks, Stacey’s Sister, and I’d like to say to all your readers that I’m jazzed you’re all checking in so often, it really helps.

SS: Ok, that’s a little mushier than our format will allow, I’ll have to cut you off there. Goodnight, everyone!


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