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July 7, 2006: Bouncing… slowly…

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on July 7, 2006

It took a little longer this week, but Stacey is feeling more human now. Yesterday she was out in the garden, ministering to the tomatoes and trying to find time to put some cucumber seeds in. She had a follow-up with TFDB on Wednesday: the white blood cells look good, and she got another shot of the lovely Procrit for iron.

In other news… her eyebrows are looking suspiciously thin. The hormone treatments seem to be affecting her body in unpredictable ways … just little spots of trouble. Ladies, you know what I mean. Gentlemen, talk amongst yourselves.

She’s talking a big game, “Oh, I want ice cream,” “Ooh, I want Kentucky Fried Chicken,” but I happen to know that Stacey’s actual diet is astonishingly healthy. Evidence? I told her I had frozen some strawberry pops for her without sugar (cancer, apparently, loooves sugar) and she was all over it. Also I saw her gnawing on a bundle of kale in the supermarket. She didn’t see me, but I saw her! Dude! You’re supposed to pay for that first!

Next week is the fifth treatment, and they switch drugs. I’ll get the lowdown on what she’ll be getting, but apparently, the effects are different. Less nausea, but more of other unpleasant things, like the last of the hair falling out and possible nerve damage in her fingertips! Hey, the fun never ends. Oh, and also killing all the cancer cells dead dead DEAD. I forgot that part.

I said DEAD!!

(There. Take that, you rotten little creeps.)


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