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July 19, 2006: Bounce-Back Week #5

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on July 19, 2006

I have just been on GT (Google Talk, like IM but from Google so we automatically like it better, right?) with Stacey, and she told me that she is feeling fine right now. The muscle aches, tingling, and digestive upset only lasted a few days, and this medication does not give her nausea, which is a relief. As Stacey said, and I paraphrase, “I’d rather tingle than gack anyday!”

Checkup with TFDB yesterday, along with a Herceptin treatment (these will be every week now, not just in treatment weeks), and a Procrit shot (ouch!). What used to be a quick checkup now takes 3 hours, including checking in, waiting, seeing the nurse, waiting, seeing the doctor, checking in at the treatment center, waiting while they “cook” the drugs (a mysterious process — we’ll have to launch an investigation) getting hooked up, getting the treatment, getting unhooked. This is every time, so the length of the visit is mostly dependent on which chemicals she’s getting. (Next week’s treatment, for example, looks like it’ll be 5 1/2 hours. Yaaaaaawn.)

But more important than any of this is the fact that Floyd Somebody just won back the yellow jersey! Go Floyd! Floyd, apparently, “is an American rider in the Tour de France. He just won back the yellow jersey, which is worn by the overall race leader, on a very difficult mountain stage. That sets him up well for winning the whole thing, though there are 2 more difficult mountain stages and a time trial ahead of him.” Uh…ok.

Stacey is following all of this very closely (while I, clearly, am clueless) so if anyone would like to step in to discuss this with her, please do. My only question was, do they wash the yellow jersey before they give it back to him? I mean, these guys have to be sweating buckets, that can’t make passing around one t-shirt very sanitary, right? Not to mention, PU! Stacey said that there’s a guy in a van who follows the race around and he makes a new shirt every day. He’s got a whole pile of plain yellows, and he customizes them with the advertisements for that day’s particular winner, which is why there’s about 1/2 hour between the end of the race and the winner’s appearance. I called her a fibbah, but she swears it’s true.


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