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August 20, 2006: The Snazzy Surprise!

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on August 20, 2006

If you know Stacey, you know that she is about as sentimental as compost. If you know her really well, you have begun to suspect that under the compost she is as mushy as a banana slowly turning into compost. OK, that’s actually sort of gross, but you get the picture.

I’ve mentioned this before, that whenever someone does something nice for Stacey she is very gracious and appreciative and all that, but don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t squeal and jump up and down and cry and hug you… you’re laughing now, just trying to picture such a thing, aren’t you? Yeah. Like that. It’s once she is out of the public eye that she gets all sappy about stuff like that, and even then it’s pretty subdued: “People are being really nice to me!”

So even I was a bit surprised by the tone of her e-mail when she wrote to tell me about the snazzy surprise:

“Check this out! (I hope the attachments arrive) These are the people in the main office of Michael’s company. They made me a freaking quilt, isn’t that, like, WOW?! Each square was made by a different person and then one lady put them all together.

This shall be featured in the blog. I command it!”

That right there, after the WOW? The question mark/exclamation point combo? That’s called an interrobang. Love ’em or hate ’em, you must admit that they express a level of emotion uncommon among my people.

So anyway, they did! The good people of Navarro…


…got together and made Stacey a quilt! This was an astonishing thing to do, not just for the normal reasons (quilting takes skill, designing a quilt takes talent, getting a whole lot of people to collaborate on designing a quilt takes… I don’t know, a bullwhip?) but also for its complete and total appropriateness. I don’t have all the details, but I believe that these three folks led this effort:


Except apparently the woman in the white jacket didn’t get her quilt square in on time…


That’ll teach her — you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, and you don’t mess around with Noogie Man.

I don’t know how widely known this is, but Stacey is an extremely crafty gal. I don’t mean sneaky (although… no, just kidding) I mean crafty in the canning/soapmaking/cross-stitching portraits of Henry the VIIIth sense of the word. No one appreciates craft like the crafty, of course, so this is an overwhelmingly excellent gift. Any old quilt is very nice indeed, but a quilt with personal messages and an extremely groovy flower border and all the perfect Stacey colors including purple flannel for the backing (mmm, purple flannel…) — that kind of quilt is a magical thing to have:

“No thanks, no more chemo for me, I’ve got a QUILT!”
“Oh, yes, I see! Well then, off you go, have a nice day!”

Would that it were so. But ’tisn’t, so we head out of a very uneventful and healthful Bounce Back Week #7 (a little achiness on Friday and Saturday, and the base of her left foot is a bit numb, but not tingly. Odd.) into Chemo Treatment #8 on Tuesday.

Treatment #8 is the last scheduled visit to the Chemo Cafe; after this there are a bunch of tests to see how successful the treatment was, and a bunch of meetings to decide what comes next. There are a lot of positive signs: there is no swelling and Stacey feels no pain in her liver; she feels no pain in her hip (TFDs keep asking about this as if they can’t quite believe that the pain is entirely gone); the breast swelling has gone down a lot; the tumor has gotten smaller. Until this point, TFDB has not said anything about how further treatment is likely to go, and this leaves the possibilities so wide open that they are, as you can imagine, fairly nerve wracking to contemplate.

Thank God for purple flannel.


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  1. Grandma Nancy said, on August 21, 2006 at 11:07 am

    Perhaps that last sentence should read – “Thank Durga for purple flannel”.
    How terrific is that quilt!! (What are two exclamation points called?)

  2. Auntie Roo said, on August 31, 2006 at 12:37 am

    I’ve been away for a few weeks, but am now just catching up with the blog, and I have to say that this quilt is too sweet! What a generous thing for your co-workers to do, Mike. Hope you’re all wrapped up in it, on the couch, Stacey.

    BTW, I happen to know that Stacey is crafty, being the recipient of not one, but two cross stitch pieces that hang in my kitchen.

    Take good care –

    Auntie Roo

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