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September 13, 2006: Race for the Cure Recap

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on September 13, 2006

While we await any news that Stacey might be able to get from the surgeon at tomorrow’s visit (and remember, anything might happen, “Oh, gee, my bad, we forgot to take the lens cap off, could you come in again next week?”) I’d like to draw your attention to Sara’s comment below about the hugely successful Komen Rrace for the Cure.  Our personal racer Sara raked in $1820.00 her very own self… so far!  “So far” meaning that the donation pages are still open, friends and neighbors, so if you’ve got a stack of cash just sitting around doing nothing, you already know that Sara did a bang-up job!

By the by, Sara mentions that it is well worth the clickage to go to the photo site to see the pictures of the day.  I agree, even if only for my one very favorite picture.  It features two ladies of a certain age, probably survivors — I deduce this from the fact that we see them later in the pictures of the survivors parade, and from the fact that they are wearing pink bubble wigs.  They are also wearing pink feather boas, and a whole lot of other flashy, fancy stuff.  But the best part is that along with all this finery, one of the ladies is wearing a t-shirt that says… well, it’s kind of hard to tell, because her arm covers part of the second word.  The first word is “Cancer”.  And the second word ends in “ucks!”  I’m pretty sure it isn’t “Ducks”.

Stacey and I both know that all of you are sort of holding your breath, hoping that tomorrow will bring news, preferably good news.  One request, though, and I’ll balance it with a promise.  I promise that I will post anything Stacey finds out in good time here on the blog; please don’t call to ask.  The reason for the calls is very clear and very much appreciated, it’s the sheer volume of calls that gets to be tough to handle.  (Plus, either we won’t know anything yet, or we will, at which point I’ll write a post.)  Thank you!


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