The Stacey Report

March 8, 2007: Something Actually Happened!

Posted in Uncategorized by dbancroft on March 10, 2007

After some time of boringly normal treatment and no new tests, Stacey reports…

(and no, I should not be all jazzed about this because it is actually a big drag)

some swelling and soreness in her left arm.  It’s on her inner arm, just below the surgical site.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, that’s probably lymphedema!” Right?

Well… right.  TFDB wanted to check it out to be sure it wasn’t a blood clot which feels exactly the same, apparently (which seems like a really terrible system, if you ask me.) So Stacey won a free trip to Newton Wellesley for a Doppler Ultrasound of her entire arm (neck to elbow) and everything looked AOK. 

So what do you do about lymphedema?  Well, if it’s severe, treatment involves all kinds of pumps and Manual Lymphatic Removal or some such upsetting thing.  But Stacey just has some slight swelling, and the definition of Mild Edema is that the difference in circumference between the affected limb and the healthy limb is less than 4 cm.  I would hazard a guess that Stacey’s arms are still a pretty good match.  So what she needs to do is go have some physical therapy, learn some exercises (which might be done with compression) to keep the swelling down.

Yet againm we dance a Jig O’ Joy that this is relatively unexciting. 

In other news, Stacey’s Sister prepares another golden opportunity for you to whip out those wallets!  Here’s a hint: it’s sort of like last year’s Relay For Life.  Except way, waaaay crazier.


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