The Stacey Report

Oh, good Lord.

Posted in Uncategorized by dbancroft on February 8, 2008

The drains strike again! (da da da duuuuuuuuum!)

Stacey went in to Newton Wellesley to have the doc look at the site where the drain was because it was kinda swollen and red-ish. While she was there they took her temp and it was 102. Unlovely.

So they decided to keep her for observation, pumped her full of antibiotics, and started poking around in her stomach. At first they couldn’t figure out what was wrong — the fluid the turkey baster guy sucked out was clear of any infection, and nothing they took out at the hospital seemed wonky. But today they figured out that it’s a staph infection. Whee!

Staph is really really common after surgery, apparently, and they switched her to a different antibiotic which is more effective for that. This is good because the first one has this weird side effect of giving you a funky taste in your mouth. And everything you eat tastes like that so why bother, right?

But here’s another interesting thing — since the surgery, Stacey hasn’t been hungry. She can’t really eat that much. And the low blood sugar that runs in the family hasn’t been bothering her. Me, I’m suspicious. I mean, they were right there, what if they snuck in a little gastric bypass action? You know, they’re thinking full-bodied woman, she’ll probably thank us if we sneak in a little perk!

Oh fine, that probably didn’t happen. Oh FINE, it’s beyond the realm of possibility that that happened. But just think about the  lawsuit! Whoo-EE! Everybody tear up those mortgages!

OK, I shall update as events unfold.  In the meantime flowers are, as always, much appreciated!


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