The Stacey Report

More Eeeeewiness!

Posted in Warning: Eewy Medical Stuff! by dbancroft on February 18, 2008

So as you have probably guessed (I know, I know) Stacey is home and feverles. She doesn’t have any drains, so that’s good, but she does have an open wound in her stomach, and she has to pull out the old dressing, clean it out, and repack it with a new dressing twice a day, so that’s disgusting!

On the other hand, TLCD said that the tram flap is healing beautifully, which is great considering that when he said that he’d just come from seeing a patient whose tram flap had died. Is that not horrible? The transplanted skin and muscle just didn’t take. Not sure what one does in that situation, and not sure who this patient was, but please send out your prayers, thoughts, vibes, auras, or whatever it is you emanate.


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