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I Found a Typo; Should I Harass Stacey’s Sister About It?

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on April 27, 2006

Oh, by all means.

But please bear in mind that although I am an editor, I am just as bad at proofing my own work as everyone else is. Also this is a semi-creative endeavor, not a user manual, so I allow myself all sorts of Faulknerian liberties such as starting not only my (occasionally endless) sentences but even whole paragraphs with prepositions which, by the way, according to Theodore Bernstein, is not actually all that bad. But I digress. (Which I am also allowed to do.)

I am especially interested in hearing about broken links and subtle points of grammar and punctuation. Boring typos may or may not be fixed (I got a life to lead, Cha Cha!)

Contact me at deb AT staceyssister DOT com. (Parsed thusly to avoid spam; replace the AT and the DOT with the appropriate symbols and then squoosh it all together.)


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