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June 23, 2006: Bounce-back Week #3

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on June 23, 2006

Stacey’s third chemo treatment went pretty much as expected: she felt ok on Chemo Cafe Tuesday and Wednesday, felt horrible on Thursday and Friday (she didn’t even want Dunkin’ Donuts, that’s how horrible) and started to feel better over the weekend. Bounce Back Week #3 has been fairly smooth sailing.

This is actually incredibly good news, because we had heard from a lot of sources that the third treatment is the worst, but each one has been a little bit easier for Stacey. This we attribute to the power of Righteous Indignation (and more on that later. Oh, much, MUCH more on that.)

Stacey reports that she is starting to feel the longer-term side-effects of chemo, namely the beginning tingles of mouth sores (she will ask for a presription for… um… mouth-sore goo. That’s actually the formal name of the medication: Mouth-Sore Goo. Merck, I think.) She also had a feeling in her tongue, as if she had burned it. There may be another explanation for that. Possibly that she burned her tongue. Funny thing.

There are other strange, transient symptoms — sore throat, shakiness, headache — that might be chemo-related or might be being-alive-related. I mean, who doesn’t feel like that from time to time? This is part of the trick, I guess, of managing treatment so that it isn’t your entire life: it’s a pretty intrusive kind of a thing!

This week, Stacey had a check-in with Dr. Browne and everything continues to look good: TFDB said that the peau d’orange (an effect from the swelling) is almost gone, and that she can barely even feel the lump (which started out at 4cm). She also said that Stacey’s white blood cell counts look great, which is good news because people whose white blood cell counts look less than great often end up in the hospital with unpleasant infections of one kind or another. Something to avoid, if at all possible. Stacey’s white blood cell counts haven’t gone down at all, which TFDB attributes to the Neulasta shots Stacey has after every treatment. (And also the power of RI!)

Stacey’s hip is feeling better this week (the pain has been coming and going) but she’s thinking of getting a handicapped parking sticker so she doesn’t have to park too far from things. In other news, I will be going shopping with Stacey more often.

And to those who worried that “no news is bad news,” thank you for sticking with us, and I’d like to say that that’s rarely the case in our family. We’re the ones who assume that everyone got home safely if we haven’t heard from the highway patrol. However, I will be more diligent in future, and in particular I have several updates coming over the weekend including:

A detailed report on the Walk For Life
A fashion show from the smart and fabulous Johanna
An ode to Righteous Indignation
A special surprise! Hint! Get out your wallets again!


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