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August 21, 2006: Special Guest Blogger… Sara!

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on August 21, 2006

OK, I should probably call her an Inadvertent Special Guest Blogger, because all she did was send out an e-mail and I plunked her up here. In my defense, it was a mass e-mail and she did mention righteous indignation, so…

Sara Schaeffner (friend, neighbor, one of those mysterious athletic types) sent out the following e-mail today:

Friends: please register for the upcoming Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure! It’s a great cause (I am volunteer Chair of the Massachusetts Affiliate for the Race) and it directly helps in the fight to eradicate breast cancer right here in Massachusetts.

I participate in honor of my mother who is a 7-year survivor and for women and men battling this disease everywhere! I’m sure you have a survivor in your life too; we all seem to know too many people close to our hearts who battle this disease (and who will conquer – do I hear some righteous indignation?!?). This day is a great celebration for survivors, families of survivors and for people who deserve a great day to be remembered.

For more info, go to

Hope to see you there! – Sara

P.S. If you can’t run…

you can donate your time
or you can donate your money

(I’m half-way to my goal of raising $1500!)


In my role as myself, I hesitate to ask for more money from those of you who gave so generously to my Relay for Life walk this year. In my role as Stacey’s Sister, however, I have no shame: get out those wallets, people! We’ve got a disease to cure here! And thank you very much.

(Plus thanks and gawps of admiration to Sara!)


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