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September 7, 2006: Busy Week

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on September 7, 2006

The chemo has ended (Hooray! Stacey is writing up a Medication Recap, y’know, just for grins) but there’s more fun to be had on this medical merry-go-round!

Yesterday, Stacey went in for her weekly Herceptin treatment and ended up getting a double scoop! Turns out that this is a gen-yoo-wine treatment option: a double shot every other week instead of one every week.  Huh, lemme see… 52 trips to the Cafe, or 26… (Jeopardy Theme plays in background)…
For today, Stacey had originally scheduled an appointment with the surgeon (a Fabulous surgeon? Time will tell…), having been told that she could schedule the recommended MRI for earlier this week.  When attempting to do just that, the MRI people said “Huh? No, we only do MRIs on Thursdays.”  Another example of wishing people would just talk to each other more often, but c’est la vie.

So, today was the MRI, always a lovely experience. The purpose of the MRI is to check on the size of the original tumor and metastases to see how well the chemotherapy and hormone treatments have worked. We probably won’t hear anything until Stacey finally meets with the potentially fabulous surgeon, next Thursday. However, the results could go back to TFDB tomorrow, and TFDB could call Stacey sooner than Thursday: we will definitely keep you posted.

And then, just because they thought she might feel lonely if she had a day without medical interventions, the docs invited Stacey back tomorrow for an ovarian ultrasound! Fun! TFDB recommended this because she noticed that on the first scans, Stacey’s ovaries looked enlarged.  She said that she’s pretty sure this was because Stacey was still nursing at the time, and that because they were both enlarged (rather than one being bigger than the other) she’s not terribly concerned, but better safe than sorry.  The down side of this is that ovarian ultrasounds are not done externally.  Any of you ladies who have had one will know what I mean; everyone else… well, they’re just really uncomfortable, why don’t you just stop the mental imaging right there.

OK, moving on!  And now, a little thing we like to call Brush with Greatness!  This is when we get to tell stories of knowing or meeting famous people.  And while I would love to regale you all with the with the one about how we once saw David Brenner walking in SoHo with a really tarty looking woman, today’s story is about your Brush with Greatness.

That’s right!  You, my friend, can tell the world that you supported Sara Schaeffner’s 2006 Race for the Cure. Yes, THAT Sara Schaeffner, the one featured in the Sudbury Town Crier!  Now that’s FAME, baby!  But you only get to tell the story if you support Sara’s Race for the Cure (which you know you have been meaning to get around to doing anyway…) The Race is on Sunday, September 10th, that’s only three days away (probably only two by the time you read this).  Not much time… but more than enough to click a mouse, right?  Right.


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  1. janet said, on September 8, 2006 at 1:59 pm

    OK I’m a moron. Who is David Brenner?

  2. Sara said, on September 11, 2006 at 2:57 pm

    Deb, Thanks for the shout-out on the Race for the Cure. The event was a HUGE success.

    If anyone would like to view photos from the day, we had a volunteer photographer, Dan Busler, and you can see his photos by going to Click on the big pink Komen ribbon, then on the ribbon again, then on the “Komen” collections. Worth the effort!

    And if anyone would still like to contribute, there are many ways to do so, including by going to:

    Thanks!!! Sara

  3. Dan Busler said, on April 17, 2009 at 7:59 am

    I stumbled across this listing regarding images from the Koman Race for the Cure I shot. The WEB site has been changed, so there is no longer a direct link to the images from the day.

    I can set up a link again if anyone would like to see them.

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