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The news, it’s good? (Kenna hurrah!)

Posted in Stacey Updates by dbancroft on January 25, 2010

Kenna hurrah (or “keynahora” or “khurahheyna” or “kukkaburra” or some other characters not available on my keyboard…) means “without the evil eye”, roughly equivalent to “knock wood”. Which is more common but, it occurs to me now, makes waaaaay less sense.

Also I’m supposed to spit three times between my index and second finger to ward off bad luck, which is notoriously averse to spitty fingers.

(Which is my new band name.)

ANYway… my sister Stacey, always looking for ways to make my life easier — as opposed to my childhood which she sought to make AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE — has written yet another post for your edification and enjoyment. I say enjoyment because not only is Stacey still a great writer, we get a bonus added plus because the news is… Shhh! Good. Probably. Read on!

Stacey’s Report

What is this thing they call Good News?

Real, live, actual Good News has been pretty hard to come by lately. 
Sure, there have been days when nothing bad has happened, but the absence
of bad news is not the same as the presence of good news. And there
have been days when, miraculously, everybody enjoys what I make for
dinner and no one argues and everyone says "I love you" before going
to bed. Those are good days, but they're a part of regular life, one
hopes, and don't really qualify as Good News. Today, I bring you Good News.

Well, let me qualify that a bit. I bring you News which is probably good,
and should prove to be good, but which is still a bit theoretical in nature
and which requires that you take a leap of faith to appreciate now. In a
few weeks we should know if this "Good News" turns out to be GOOD NEWS!
I wouldn't blame you a bit if you wanted to hold out for that.

Here, now, some notes up front:
1. SGPT and SGOT are enzymes that are released by damaged livers (and
hearts, too, but we're not worrying about those right now). Measuring
the levels of these enzymes can indicate the health of a liver.
2. For SGPT the normal range is 7-30, uh, things. For SGOT it's 9-32.
3. All of my breast cancer is now concentrated in my liver. (Fun fact:
it's still breast cancer, even though it's in the liver.)

And now, for you fans of data analysis, I present the numbers:

02/05/09:	70	61
03/17/09:	64	56
04/28/09:	76	71
06/09/09:	96	97
07/21/09:	125	125
10/16/09:	201	175
10/23/09:	189	173
10/30/09:	194	158
11/06/09:	196	188
11/13/09:	245	223
11/17/09:	248	248
11/20/09:	238	209
11/27/09:	230	175
12/04/09:	234	171
12/11/09:	257	228
12/18/09:	174	144
12/26/09:       135	96
01/02/10:	113	94
01/08/10:	118	89
01/15/10:	83	66
01/22/10:	71	57

See those numbers down there at the bottom? See how they're
substantially lower than the ones in the middle of the list? Yeah, that's good.

It might even be Good. Or GOOD! Or, dare I hope, GREAT! Well,
for now I won't get too carried away as that would be embarassing.
I have a PET scan scheduled for next month (fun fact: tissue shows
changes slower than what can be detected in a blood test, so you wait
a bit to test so that it can catch up), which I hope will show more Good News.

The moles are on the run. Run, damn moles, run.

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  1. GN said, on January 30, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    WOW! I’m very excited by this nearly news. I might even be considered to be getting carried away, but being a Yankee by birth, I’ll contain myself and wait for the PET scan results. Still, I realize I’ve started to breath again.

    Now, I may be dense (am actually in many ways), but I didn’t get the “mole” connection. Illumination will be helpful, but whatever…I’m with you – run, moles, run.

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