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June 5, 2006: A Retraction

Posted in Uncategorized by ohthatdeb on June 5, 2006

Apparently, I misunderstood Stacey’s tale of blood drawing woe. In fact, getting the IV team was a story related to her by someone else in the office. And, most importantly, the oncology staff at NWH is EXCELLENT in every way, including drawing blood. They never have any problem, and the poking around and “right here!” problems came about when Stacey was having tests done all over the hospital and running into people with varying levels of needle-sticking skills.

So. There you go.

In other news, Stacey is feeling better after last week’s chemo, and her hip is giving her less pain than it was over the weekend. It seems to her that the more active she is, the better it feels, so we’re taking turns coming up with realy important reasons for her to get our butts out of bed on weekend mornings. (I do not have a medical need to do this, I’ll just be a lazy cow all day if I don’t.)

So far, the most compelling suggestion is strawberry picking at Tougas Family Farm, God bless ’em. The strawberries are not quite in, but soon! As many of you know, the fruit picking season is a GREAT BIG DEAL around here, as Stacey and I both make jam and other yummies, most of which go into Christmas gift baskets. The best time to go, by the way, is on thursday or friday mornings, very early, when it’s just Stacey, me, and a whole bunch of elderly Yankee Ladies, all of us industriously picking fruit. Bliss.


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